TEDxLausanne 2016

Growth is a feature of nature that we accept and seldom question. Yet it impacts every aspect of our lives.


How should we manage the inevitable growth?
When is growth good so that we should encourage and even accelerate it?
When is growing bad so that we should control and even reverse it?

This year, TEDxLausanne explores the nature of growth in all its forms: organisms, data, personal, business, society and environment.  A host of inspiring speakers will share their stories, and of course, ideas.  After all, to learn is to grow – join us!


Online registration is now closed. If you wish to attend the event
tomorrow, there are still a few places available. These will be sold
on a first come, first serve basis. Tickets onsite must be paid in
CASH. We look forward to a great event!
- The TEDxLausanne Team




2:00PM - 1st Part of the event

#1 - Sylvie Reinhard
#2 - Louis-Albert de Broglie
#3 - Daniel Gasteiger

Le Marchepied

#4 - Zaria Gorvett
#5 - Léonore Porchet
#6 - Marcel Salathé

4:00PM - BREAK

5:00PM - 2nd Part of the event

#7 - Madeleine Rees
#8 - Sonia Cancian
#9 - Sebastian Buckup
#10 - Ines Knaepper

Aurélie Emery

#11 - Attila Szantner
#12 - Ryan Rumsey

7:00PM - Aperitif