TEDxLausanne 2017

We discover new worlds. We create new worlds.

What new adventure awaits us here and in the future?

Most of the time, we face up to new worlds brought by relentless changes not of our making. A deep change brings risks and takes us out of our comfort zones: we will be confronted with confusion, uncertainty and fear.

We can choose to adapt to the new conditions. Or we can choose to brave emerging worlds with curiosity, open minds, and purpose  – to be future-ready.

So, what new worlds await us?  Who are the visionaries crafting these new worlds?  Who will be the new winners?  How prepared are we, as a society and individuals, for the shift?   What part can we play in shaping the new world?


Watch the videos of the event on YouTube - here - or just below. Enjoy!


Friday, April 21, 2017 - 14:00


Amphimax, University of Lausanne