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TEDx Lausanne is a fantastic place to expose your brand to leaders, innovators and change makers in the french area of Canton de Vaud. Sponsoring can be cash or in-kind. According to your budget, we can match your goals with the needs of the events.

What does a TEDxLausanne event looks like ? Here is a snapshot of our past edition.

TEDxLausanne 2016 - Growth from Kaosmovies on Vimeo.

Why is TEDxLausanne the right partner for you?

  • Do you believe in bringing business and people who want to be change agents together and surrounding them with remarkable thinking and ideas ?
  • Do you want to leverage ideas, technologies, design and education to help create a better future?
  • Do you believe in business investing in the local community to support innovation and the power of ideas ?

TEDXLausanne offers you the opportunity to celebrate the power of ideas and grow your brand. Join us, associating your organization with a world leader in spreading innovative ideas. Meet our community of thought leaders and expose your brand world-wide through social media, the TEDXLausanne videos on YouTube and our valuable audience of over 600 women and men from the French region of Switzerland.

The goal of TEDx is to foster
great ideas and let great
thinkers to spread their passion.

Sponsorship Levels

We offer different levels of partnership and attached benefits. We are more than happy to discuss our possibilities further with you and answer any question you may have, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sponsoring in-kind

In addition to cash sponsorships, there are numerous ways you can participate through in-kind donations. We have identified some opportunities, but the range of possibilities is wide open. The benefit packages will be customised based on the relative value of the in-kind gift.

  • Catering for the coffee break
  • Catering for the Networking Apero at the end of event
  • Speaker travel and accommodation
  • Photography for the day
  • Printing of marketing materials and badges
  • Design costs
  • Staff t-shirts
  • Catering during speakers rehearsals and on the day of the event
  • Items for the participants goody bags
  • Goody bags
  • Communication

Become a sponsor