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Main Event 2024

We proudly introduce the 12 speakers of our Main Event 2024 "Where Change Begins".

David JP Phillips

High on Life: The ultimate life and communication skill

Have you ever met someone who could choose to always be their best self in every situation, both for others and for themselves?

In his talk, David will share a cocktail of hormones key to self-leadership, rooted in deep personal lessons, as well as the secret that was eluding him in his first three TEDx talks.

Discover the ultimate skill in public speaking and communication, which just happened to save a life.

International speaker, author, global authority on public speaking.

David JP Phillips is an international speaker, author, coach and a global authority on public speaking, communication and self-leadership. He was recently awarded as global communication expert No 8 by global gurus.

He is best known for his three TEDx Talks: the first, "How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint"; the second, "The Magical Science of Storytelling"; and the third, "THE 110 STEPS of Excellent Communication". Together, these talks have accumulated a total of 10 million views.

Marine Tanguy

Why you should be worried about the images you see every day: Breaking the habit of visual prejudice

As a dynamic writer and speaker, Marine sheds light on contemporary art and investment, with captivating TEDx Talks and her book "Visual Detox" published by Penguin.

Founder of MTArt Agency, the art sector’s leading talent agency.

Marine passionately advocates for artists' pivotal role in society, aiming to integrate art into every aspect of life to expand its reach and financial viability. Recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Europe for Art & Culture, she's also been honored as the UK Entrepreneur of the Year and the Hurun Entrepreneur of the Year under 35.

Her mission? Empower artists as the visual storytellers of our time, shaping a vibrant cultural landscape.

Philipp Sostmann

How immersive technologies like AR/VR will change our workspace forever

In a landscape dominated by immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), public opinion stands sharply divided. These advancements evoke a spectrum of reactions, from excitement and admiration to doubt and fear.

Philipp’s talk delves into this intricate sentiment, exploring how immersive technologies are already positively impacting individual lives. It highlights the tangible advantages of spatial computing technology today and envisions a future where digital content seamlessly integrates into daily life, offering unprecedented opportunities for progress, education, and connection. How might the ever-evolving relationship between humans and technology redefine the very essence of reality?

Expert in immersive technologies, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Philipp Sostmann is an expert in immersive technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). He has spearheaded numerous cross-industry AR/VR projects in partnership with international innovation leaders, and his insights have illuminated stages worldwide.

Philipp holds a Master of Science in Sustainable Finance and International Business from Maastricht University, complemented by certifications in Business in the Metaverse Economy from the Wharton School and XR development from the University of Toronto. His multidisciplinary  commitment to shaping the future of technology, makes him a vital voice in the conversation about the next generation of digital integration.

Miren Bengoa

Women who lead: accelerating women’s empowerment in fragile communities

After several decades working in many countries around the world, Miren Bengoa shares her insights on what has worked to progress women's empowerment in difficult situations.

In this talk, she explores several themes including economic empowerment and politicial activism through unbelievable stories of what has worked, and why. These experiences are framed with lessons for all of us on supporting women and girls.

Gender activist, managing director at Swiss Solidarity (La Chaîne du Bonheur).

Miren Bengoa leads the Swiss Foundation Chaîne du Bonheur (Swiss Solidarity) since 2022, known as the national humanitarian appeals platform supporting over 25 NGO partners. Previously, she was the Managing Director at SOS Group International Action where she oversaw the strategy and growth of 10 NGOs and 2 social enterprise incubators in 30+ countries.

An active gender advocate during her 10-year tenure as Executive Director at Fondation CHANEL based in France and the US, she has a strong background in corporate philanthropy, international development and social impact.

Jessica & Annika Horn

Embracing the Horn Legacy: Conquering Our Personal North Pole

In an intimate and revealing interview, the Horn sisters share powerful lessons learned from their father, famed adventurer Mike Horn.

From the North Pole to Lausanne, they reflect on their family's journey, the pressures of living up to a legacy, and the journey to embrace their uniqueness. "Thank you, Father; we'll take it from here," they say as they step beyond the shadow of expectation to chart their own course.

Entrepreneurs, adventurers, and daughters of Mike Horn.

Raised in the shadow of their father Mike Horn's global expeditions, Annika and Jessica Horn grew up far from ordinary, often feeling worlds apart from their peers due to their unique family lifestyle. Since 2015, they have been instrumental in planning and promoting Mike's adventures, including educational projects like Pangeae X.

Their work not only continues their father's adventurous legacy but also broadens its impact. The Horn sisters stand out as key figures behind one of the world's most intrepid explorers, merging their familial bond with a shared zeal for exploration.

Samuel Kembou

Change begins within - a journey of growth and development

In this talk, Samuel Kembou will take us on a multi-layered journey of development. We will travel with him from Cameroon to Switzerland back to Côte d’Ivoire; we will navigate from early childhood to fulfilled adult lives, from receiving to giving, from mud to gold…

This exploration of the different meanings of development will bring unexpected findings and leave us with a question: what do we do in the face of adversity?

International development expert, Knowledge and Learning Manager at the Jacobs Foundation.

With a diverse background in project management, monitoring and learning, and impact evaluations, Samuel Kembou plays a pivotal role in steering the Jacobs Foundation's dynamic learning initiatives.

With over a decade of professional experience, he has worked as an Economist in prominent international organizations, served as a Lecturer at the University of Lausanne, and is a co-principal Investigator in large-scale randomized experiments assessing educational interventions in West Africa.

Sarah Koller

Towards a post-growth economic culture

Her talk delves into the existential motivations driving polarized ideological stances on the feasibility and desirability of continuing economic growth within the contemporary ecological paradigm. Through a blend of theoretical inquiry and empirical investigation, this study elucidates the psychological hurdles obstructing open discourse on the topic.

At their core, these obstacles stem from a deeply ingrained, often subconscious fear of mortality, fostering a disconnection from nature that disregards its limits in favor of an unwavering belief in boundless economic expansion.

Researcher in ecopsychology at UNIL, specializing in post-growth economic cultures.

Sarah Koller has a doctorate in environmental sciences and a degree in psychology. She works as a project manager at the Centre of competences in sustainability at the University of Lausanne, and as a freelance facilitator for workshops on reconnecting with life through ecopsychology and the Work That Reconnects, a method developed by Joanna Macy.

Alongside these activities, Sarah practices playback theater, a particular form of improvisation, with the Troupe La Maison du Récit in Lausanne; and writes and composes her own songs through her project called Oscyne.

Swiss finalist of “Ma Thèse en 180 secondes”, 2023.

Jean-Claude Artonne

Disrupting Loneliness: Can AI Lead the Way?

Join a journey to unravel the complexities of loneliness. Discover its profound impact on our health and economy, affecting nearly one-third of the world's population. It has tangible physiological effects that call for a change to address this silent epidemic. Enter Jean-Claude's vision of an emotional AI that serves not as a virtual companion but as a catalyst for serendipitous real-world connections between like-minded people to foster friendships.

This venture into harnessing AI's potential for benevolence challenges us to rethink socialization, emphasizing serendipity, synchronicity, and the preservation of free will, offering a new paradigm for genuine human interaction.

Specialist in AI-Powered solution for safe and respectful socialization.

Jean-Claude Artonne, CEO of Fortuite Corp. & Agoras Corp, is an innovative leader driven by a passion for enhancing human longevity and addressing loneliness through groundbreaking emotional AI development.

With a background as a former Air Force officer and a pioneer in virtual property tours during the 90s, Jean-Claude has diversified his expertise into advanced optics, robotics, VR, biotech, and beyond. Committed to fostering human advancement, his endeavors align with 8 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a vision for a peaceful future for humanity and generations to come.

Lise Volkart

Assessing the impact of machine translation on language

With the rapid and massive adoption of AI tools in the translation sector, there is growing concern about their long-term impact on languages.

Lise aims to shed light on this yet relatively unexplored area, identifying and describing the impact of machine translation tools on translations produced by professional translators.

Translator, studying automated translation and its impact on language

Lise Volkart is doing a PhD in translation technology at the University of Geneva. After completing a bachelor's degree in translation and interpreting in Brussels, she moved to Geneva to do a master's degree in translation. It was there that she discovered the fascinating world of translation technology and machine translation, a field that was undergoing radical change.

This mutation, which brought with it many questions and challenges, fostered exciting research opportunities, and led her to embark on a PhD journey.

She is also highly active in teaching machine translation and post-editing to translation professionals as part of her work with the SuisseTra association.

Swiss finalist of “Ma Thèse en 180 secondes”, 2023.

Arnaud Lyon

Advancing Organ Transplantation: Unveiling the Immune System's Vital Role

When an organ is transplanted, it is no longer supplied with blood, which damages the cells and triggers an inflammatory response. The breakthrough? Female sex hormones could be the heroes, protecting organs by modulating the immune system.

As the world faces a critical shortage of organs, these findings might offer a glimmer of hope to open up new, life-saving avenues. Get ready for a journey into a field where cutting-edge innovation meets urgent needs.

Swiss physician, studying transplant immunology and vascular surgery

Arnaud Lyon is a Swiss physician currently undergoing a doctoral thesis at the organ transplantation center of Lausanne University Hospital - CHUV, under the direction of Professor Déla Golshayan and Dr. Alban Longchamp.

His work aims to understand better how the immune system reacts at the very beginning of organ transplantation to find new treatments to reduce this harmful reaction and improve the safety and the outcomes of transplantation for patients.

Passionate about scientific communication, he won the competition of “Ma Thèse en 180 secondes” at UNIL, as well as the prize of public and jury's 3rd place in the Swiss final in 2023.

Charline Carron

Your Brain Contains An Incredible Garden.

The thesis work is titled "Exploring the Impact of a Molecule Secreted by Astrocytes on Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis." As a foundational research endeavor in neuroscience, a comprehensive grasp of neurobiology is essential to fully appreciate its intricacies.

However, articulating its concepts to individuals outside the field can be challenging. In an effort to condense the essence of the thesis into a concise 180-second presentation, she aimed to enhance accessibility and figurative representation through the utilization of a straightforward metaphor.

Neuroscientist at Tonilab, centre de Neurosciences Psychiatriques, CHUV-UNIL

Charline Carron, in the final year of her doctoral studies in neuroscience, undertook her entire university education in Lausanne, spanning between UNIL and the Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience at CHUV. Intrigued by the complexities of the brain, she delved into her thesis work.

Beyond research, she uncovered a passion for knowledge dissemination, relishing opportunities to teach, mentor students, and engage in scientific communication. Charline's involvement in scientific art exhibitions and MT180 events propelled her beyond laboratory confines.

Participant in the 2023 final of my MT180 won the 2nd Jury Prize

Académie Sharivari

Where change begins: A Live Visual Metamorphosis

Dive into a captivating experience with this live video project, the result of the workshop led by Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek from Académie Sharivari. Emerging talents, Hugo Cruz and Jean-Baptiste Courtois, invite you into a world where art comes to life, exploring innovative ideas and unique expressions. 

Presented as part of TEDxLausanne: Where change begins, this captivating video performance promises to stimulate your imagination and inspire change. Join us for an unforgettable artistic experience, where creativity meets boldness, drawing inspiration from the varied themes addressed during the event.

Preparatory art school in Lausanne, propelling talents towards artistic excellence.

The Académie Sharivari is nestled in Lausanne's artistic heart. Their mission: inspire and support budding artists through superior courses led by experienced, passionate professionals. They enhance creative and technical skills, guiding students toward their artistic aspirations.

Founded in 2023 within SEV52's innovative coworking space, their vision, led by Director Raphaël Faure, fosters global artistic growth through diverse educational offerings, commitment to quality, and making innovation shine, empowering students for success in the dynamic art world.

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