Helpers recruitment and coordination

TEDxLausanne is seeking a team member to recruit and coordinate the volunteers work for our next main event on September 19th, 2019.

TEDxLausanne is an association of volunteers working to celebrate ideas worth spreading. We are committed to craft and deliver the best experience for our 500+ attendees on multiple yearly events as well as professional quality videos published on the official TEDx YouTube channel.

The TEDxLausanne Helpers Coordinator is in charge of the recruitment and coordination of the additional volunteers helping us during the last days of the event.

The secondary focus of the Helpers Coordinator is on helping the coordination team to seek and recruit organization team members during the year if the organization is lacking specific talents.

Responsibilities and Duties

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the Speaker Selection and Coaching tasks:

During the year
Interfacing with the curators and the organization teams to check their needs in terms of volunteers and helpers
Replying and screening the spontaneous applications we get during the year through the website and/or social media and help schedule appointments with the relevant team members and curators
If needed, actively seeking talents to complete the team
Recruiting the helpers needed during the last days before the event

During the last days before the events and the event day:
Creating and validating with the teams the number of helpers needed for each task
Crafting and validating with the teams the helpers schedule
Relaying information and briefing the helpers on their tasks and schedule
Creating a team spirit for the helpers
Coordinating the helpers affectation and ensuring helpers attendance

After the event:
Thanking the helpers and keeping in touch for next year
If relevant, seeking if some helpers would like to join the team as organizers

Profile needed

Good communication and motivational skills
Very good organizational skills
Team spirit


Expect to attend one meeting per month in the late afternoon, after working hours.

The workload gets more intense as the main event approaches, so expect to dedicate:
1 hour a week on average in the early stages;
To about 4 hours a week in the final 2 months before the event;
The 2 weeks prior to the event might require up to 10 hours a week of commitment.
Attendance during the event day (September 19th, 2019) is mandatory.
Attendance during the two rehearsal days (17th and 18th of September 2019) is preferred.


Send us your resume along with your motivation letter. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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