Speaker Selection and Coaching Team Member

TEDxLausanne is seeking curious and passionate speaker coaches for our next main event on September 19th, 2019.

TEDxLausanne is an association of volunteers working to celebrate ideas worth spreading. We are committed to craft and deliver the best experience for our 500+ attendees on multiple yearly events as well as professional quality videos published on the official TEDx YouTube channel.

The TEDxLausanne Speaker selection team is in charge of the scouting, selecting, and coaching of the speakers featured in our event.

The secondary focus of the team is on crafting the line-up and order of the talks, performances, and videos shown during the event together with the curators and production team.

Responsibilities and Duties

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the Speaker Selection and Coaching tasks:

Scouting and screening speakers throughout the year
Scouting inspiring speakers, with a game-changing perspective on a topic or innovative, awe-making achievements.
Screen speakers applying through our website or social media
Approach those speakers and bring them on board for our next events

Coaching speakers for their talk in the last 6 to 4 months before the event
Help the speakers grasp the specifics and differences of a TEDx event with respect with a traditional conference
Ensure the speakers respect the rules of TED and TEDx (especially regarding timings, content, and copyrights)
Coach the selected speakers to bring their talk to the next level and the speakers on their A-game for the event

During the rehearsal day and the event day:
Help the speakers get accustomed to the stage, and rehearse their talk
Support the speakers to create a safe environment where they can be at their best.

After the event:
Thank the speakers and keep in touch while the video of their talk is being edited

Profile needed

Team spirit and eagerness to discover new ideas and talents
Passionate about TED and TEDx
Experience with public speaking, presenting, or similar
Experience with mentoring, coaching, teaching, facilitating or similar
Curious, flexible and with a good working level of English
Performers, actors, artists with multi-disciplinary backgrounds are encouraged
Professional background linked to broad TED topics is a plus


Please note that tasks are divided up among team members, thus we do not expect any single member of the production team to master all of the above tasks.

Expect to attend two to three meetings per month either face to face in Lausanne after working hours, or during lunchtime via video-conference.

The workload gets more intense as the main event approaches, so expect to dedicate:
3 hours a week on average in the early stages for scouting and screening;
Additional 2 to 3 hours a week for coaching during the 6 months before the event
The month prior to the event might require up to 10 hours a week of commitment.
Attendance during the event day (September 19th, 2019) is mandatory.
Attendance during the rehearsal day (September 18th, 2019) is mandatory.


Send us your resume along with your motivation letter. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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