Talents are everywhere

What if the so-called emerging countries were ahead of our western “developed” countries? What if  innovation in Malaysia, Ghana and Chile was more steaming than in Switzerland? Alisée will present her global vision of entrepreneurship around the world, stressing the dynamism of “emerging” countries and what there is to learn from them. Talents are everywhere. Let’s hear them.

About the speaker

Alisée de Tonnac

As far as Alisée remembers, she has been traveling around the world, from Singapore to Italy, California to France & Switzerland. She started her career as product manager for luxury brands at L’Oréal Group before discovering her entrepreneurial spirit and taking off for a one-year world tour to set up the first edition of Seedstars World, an international startup competition focused on emerging markets. Alisée is now managing the company with the objective of spreading to 50 cities in 2015.