Hydrogels, an unexplored material

TEDxLausanne is delighted to introduce three impressive new generation speakers during the TEDxLausanne 2019 event, each of whom is working towards a world beyond limits.

Come and be inspired by Isabela Stoian, Radmila Faizova and Alvaro Charlet.

Alvaro’s thesis, “Structured Hydrogels” was done under the supervision of Prof. Esther Amstad, and her presentation won first place at EPFL’s My Thesis in 180 seconds contest.

Next Generation Speaker: Alvaro Charlet
About the speaker

Alvaro Charlet


Alvaro Charlet is a PhD student in Soft Materials at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). He started as a student there in 2011, followed by an exchange year in Gothenburg, Sweden. After gaining his bachelors degree, he moved to Basel an internship in thin film materials for optical security. He then started his masters at EPFL specialising in materials for biological applications. He concluded his masters by doing a thesis on bioinspired hydrogels at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA.

On his way back to Europe, he did an apprenticeship in traditional metal craftsmanship for luxury goods in Florence, Italy. He finally moved back to Lausanne two years ago to join the Soft Materials Group of Prof. Esther Amstad to start his PhD in hydrogel for load bearing applications.

Earlier this year at EPFL, he participated in the My Thesis 180s competition where he won 1st place.