Aysha van de Paer

Investment Professional and Blogger, Sustainable Finance Enthusiast, Gender Equality Activist

“In spite of the challenges we face, women have never been so well educated and earned so much money.”

About the speaker

Aysha van de Paer

Sustainable Finance and Investment Professional, Investment Blogger, Gender Equality Activist

Aysha has over a decade of professional experience in private equity and real estate investing for established investment and consulting firms worldwide. In early 2017, Aysha lost her husband Karl in a road accident while she was expecting their second child.The new financial reality that followed inspired her to start a blog on investing for women (www.InvestLikeAysha.com). Aysha made it her mission to help women achieve financial security over the long term while investing in a way that is supportive of the planet and society. A gender equality advocate, Aysha shares her personal story and knowledge about investing to help women become confident and responsible investors.