Life is a struggle if you can´t juggle!

Using the art of juggling and juggling as a metaphor, Christoph explains our world of complexity and uncertainty in a vivid and entertaining way. He juggles balls, words, thoughts and even light and gives an eventful and fresh perspective into the topics of our time.

Experience terms like automatization, blockchain and “homo futuris” in a new way and come along on a journey into the future with 5 balls and light juggling.

About the speaker

Christoph Rummel

Christoph has turned his hobby into his profession: since 2001 he works a juggler. On stage he uses juggling not only for the purpose of entertainment but also as a tool and metaphor to give a vivid and new perspective to topics from daily life or the economy or science.  In addition to appearances at international variety and circus festivals (e.g. in France or Russia), he has performed at events organized by several large DAX index corporations and medium-sized enterprises.