How radical collaboration is shaping the future of schools

A silent revolution has started that could see schools change forever.

By creating learning environments that go beyond the limits of traditional schooling systems, children are being encouraged to explore through play and collaboration, and are experiencing new levels of joy that sparks a life-long love of learning and development.

The results are exciting, with a new generation that feels inspired to create a bright new future for themselves, as well as for wider society.  

Join us at TEDxLausanne 2019 where Cristina Riesen will challenge you to open your hearts and minds to a revolution in education. 

Listen to Cristina Riesen at TEDxLausanne 2019
About the speaker

Cristina Riesen

Cristina Riesen, Founder of We Are Play Lab, has made it her mission to tackle education and create a better future for our children through active learning environments.

“Once you create a space allowing people to think differently, magic happens.”

A social entrepreneur who is passionate about design, technology, education and high impact entrepreneurship, Cristina was formerly the General Manager for Evernote EMEA, she managed the launch of the Swiss EdTech Collider at EPFL and was part of the Strategic Development team at ETH Zurich.

Cristina is a dreamer and a doer who believes in the power of collaboration across spatial, temporal and cultural boundaries.