Shaking up the city experience

How do you get strangers to interact? How do you bring the extraordinary into everyday life? How can artistic and participative installations transform a neighbourhood?

Dan has travelled the world exploring various cultures. He studied social anthropology and management in New Zealand, and avidly supports the rethinking of streets and squares to create happier and healthier human environments. He is a prizewinner in the 2013 Ashoka Impact program and is the founder and director of Happy City Lab.

About the speaker

Dan Acher

Dan Acher is an artivist from Geneva whose work focuses on creating happy cities by changing the way people engage both with their environment and with each other. He transforms movie nights into a participative experience by gathering large crowds in moonlit parks, while his nationwide Neighbourhood Exchange Boxes spark countless human encounters (and tons of trades). He shakes up routines with daily dares and places outdoor pop-up dance floors along commuter routes to generate impromptu tangos and disco moves.