“Just be true to yourself,” sounds like a cliché, while in fact authenticity does change everything. Magic happens when we practice mindfulness and dare to live outside of the box.

About the speaker


Best Selling Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Blogger and Fashion Designer, Mindfulness Advocate

“When you are still able to laugh in your toughest times, you are awesome.”

Diana Rikasari is a best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur, blogger and fashion designer whose focus is on mindfulness. She recently published a series of children books that encourages parents to have meaningful talks with their children about life. Her inspirations are derived from life and her surroundings where she injects humour and wit in her projects to create fun, memorable, and purposeful works. Awarded Top Fashion Influencer by Influence Asia, and recognised author for her #1 mega-bestselling book trilogy #88LOVELIFE which won both “Best Book of 2015” and “Best Book of 2016” Award from MPH Mayalsia. Be it through her fashion design or writing, Diana always tries to embed a more profound message hoping that it can inspire others to do and feel good.