Looking for the brain’s timekeeper

Domenica Bueti is an Italian neuroscientist who after psychology training in Italy moved to the United Kingdom. Through the use of modern neuroimaging techniques her work focuses on understanding the neural mechanisms and the cognitive architectures that subserve human abilities to perceive, represent, and manipulate information about time. She is now senior research scientist at the Department of Clinical Neurosciences of the University Hospital of Lausanne.

About the speaker

Domenica Bueti

Time is both a pervasive and elusive dimension of everyday experiences. Enjoying music, dancing, scheduling daily routines, or even simply walking would be impossible activities if we would not be able to accurately keep track of the time flow. But how does the human mind master time? Despite the immateriality and the subjectivity of our experience of time, recent discoveries in the field of cognitive neuroscience are now disclosing the neurophysiological mechanisms and the brain networks subserving human abilities to perceive time.