It’s not just Africa, or Africans, that need help

Development ought to be about community transformation, about local and global social justice, about making a difference and serving communities to create a truly just world, no matter what that implies, or where it needs to be done. Development and the action of making a difference should be synonymous and usable interchangeably.

About the speaker

Eleanor Khonje

Born in Malawi, and raised in England, Alabama, and Texas, whilst currently residing in Geneva, Eleanor T. Khonje is passionate about broadening the conversation on development precisely because of her experiences living and working in these different contexts. Eleanor believes that if we were all committed to serving our local as much as our global communities, we would see a reinvention of the world around us. Eleanor works as the Managing Editor of OURS, a multicultural magazine of artistic and social expression for the conscious and critical cosmopolitan, based in Geneva.