How to turn loss into inspiration

Everybody goes through losses, big and small – the loss of a job, the loss of a home, or even the loss of a loved one. Will you allow a loss to hold you “hostage” and limit you in your future endeavors, by focusing on regret, guilt or unresolved grief? Or will the experience of loss enable you to find a new identity or goal, re-connect with people, and enjoy life again?

In this talk, George Kohlrieser will address how you can not only get over each loss but from it draw new inspiration by rewiring your brain to “play to win”.

About the speaker

George Kohlrieser

George Kohlrieser’s expertise and insights are drawn from his rich professional career as a clinical psychologist and hostage negotiator. He is currently a Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the IMD business school in Lausanne. He is the author of the award-winning bestseller Hostage at The Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict.