How to become the change you wish to see in the world

Climate change, extinction of species, plastic oceans, war and exploitation – none of us want all this. And yet we seem powerless to watch as we risk the future of our children and grandchildren.

As a journalist and media activist, Ilona, together with her husband Marek, spent many years researching better ideas, alternatives and solutions following her shocking discovery: “I am part of the problem”.

Previously, she had always sought blame and responsibility from others. “Recognizing this was an extremely painful realization,” she says in retrospect. Today she knows that this low point was the beginning of a new, better life. A life full of meaning, confidence and joy.

In this talk she shares how she manages change, why it’s fun to let go of old habits and how everyone can playfully and easily live the change they want for this world.

Because: everyone can be part of the solution!

Ilona Koglin
About the speaker

Ilona Koglin

Ilona Koglin is a journalist, media activist and project consultant for a better world.

Together with her husband Marek Rohde she is in action for an eco-social change for more than 12 years. In spite of all the grievances, they are sure that ‘the chances of saving our world have never been better’, and have been experimenting with eco-social alternatives themselves in their professional and private lives for many years.

They have written several books about their experiences, they blog under, founded the online academy and organize the conference for a better world.

They accompany eco-social projects and hold lectures as well as workshops. One of their most important concerns is that – despite all seriousness of the topic – the joy and the pleasure of life are ever present while changing the world.