Latin and the key for language

TEDxLausanne is delighted to introduce three impressive new generation speakers during the TEDxLausanne 2019 event, each of whom is working towards a world beyond limits.

Come and be inspired by Isabela Stoian, Radmila Faizova and Alvaro Charlet.

Isabela’s thesis, “Alcuin’s Ars Grammatica. Translation and Philological Study” was done under the supervision of Prof. Karin Schlapbach and Prof. Florica Bechet, and her presentation won first place at Fribourg’s University as well as first place in the Swiss National Contest of My Thesis in 180 seconds.

Next Generation Speaker: Isabela STOIAN
About the speaker

Isabela Stoian 


Isabela Grigoraș, from Romania, has a BA in classical philology from the University of Bucharest and three MA degrees in biblical exegesis and hermeneutics; translation studies; medieval studies. Isabela began a PhD in Latin at the same university and since 2018 she is a doctoral student at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, where she is currently conducting her research and working as a graduate assistant.

Isabela won the 2019 Swiss MT180 competition and in September she will represent Switzerland at the international phase in Dakar.