Embracing Robots – How stories of robots shape our vision of technology

Many see intelligent robots in the future as evil – taking over our livelihoods and eventually even taking our lives.  Can it be the sci-fi stories that make us think this way? What do these stories, especially movies, tell us and make us believe?  Fear is not the right sentiment to cope with Artificial Intelligence and robots as they slowly but surely transform our societies. It is time we form a more objective view of where future technologies will take us.

About the speaker

Jeanine Reutemann

Jeanine Reutemann is a deeply passionate researcher, film maker, educator, tech-nerd. This leads her to critically investigate the impact and affordances of new media technologies at the Centre for Innovation at the Leiden University in The Hague, while also managing her Swiss start-up company RedMorpheus GmbH, focusing on science and educational films.


Twitter : @C4Innovation and @jreutemann