Discover emotion, intuition and femininity as expressed from an underwater state of apnea.
A connection to oneself and nature made all the more powerful by the cessation of breath.

About the speaker


Deep Sea Diver, Film Director, Underwater Artist, Activist, Dancer

“I am not a great dancer on earth, but I can fly in the water. What I really want, is telling stories.”
Freediving champion and underwater filmmaker and choreographer, Julie redefines the rules of the ocean and uses her skills and sensitivity to capture the magic of the world below the surface. Her close relationship with water took root during her childhood and continues to be nurtured through apnea (free) diving, for which she is currently the French record holder in constant weight (-68m!). A child of dance and of sea, Julie connects these two worlds to her third world: image. Together with her partner, famous freediver Guillaume Néry, she has directed several short films under the label Les Films Engloutis that have earned her recognition and success as a filmmaker. Behind the camera, as she does in front of it, Julie uses instinct, sincerity and femininity as the basis of her work, offering viewers human and visual experience and exploring the invincible beauty and force of women. Her love for the ocean has led her to collaborate with foundations as an advocate for ocean conservation. Currently she is working on a project that will focus on the collective awareness of plastic and the consequences of marine pollution.