Our responsibility is to be transparent and teach the younger generations to speak up and learn from our experiences. What are we doing with this life to make it a better one for future generations?

About the speaker


Toxic Shock Syndrome Survivor, Women’s Health Advocate, Fashion’s “Girl with the Golden Legs”

“My goal is to keep going and reach as far as possible to beat all odds placed before me.”

In 2012, Lauren contracted Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) through the use of a tampon. The complications of the bacterial infection left her facing a 1% chance of survival and ultimately led to the loss of both of her legs. Following her second amputation in 2018, she showcased her “new legs” at New York Fashion Week where Vogue magazine aptly named her “fashion’s girl with the golden legs.”  Since her life-threatening experience, Lauren has reinvented her career and dedicates her life to educating women about TSS. An inspiring role model, she  provides an on-going demonstration that beauty can be found in diversity and a person’s uniqueness. Lauren’s amputation and ground-breaking modeling career are not the only things that define her. Lauren is a passionate activist for women’s body awareness and health, an actress, and an athlete, currently preparing to run the New York City Marathon.