If you do nothing, nothing is done.

Why would you get yourself into politics under the age of twenty? What would you do to change politics to be a more welcoming and receptive place for youth ? How do you change the world with politics when you are a young person ?

About the speaker

Léonore Porchet

Léonore is president of one of the biggest parties of her city, Lausanne. As a young woman president, she has to collaborate with people in specific ways in order to make everybody, including the historically dominant male figures, work together to make the life of Lausanne’s inhabitants better but also to make space for the next generation of politicians.

Léonore Porchet recently graduated from the University of Lausanne. She’s been working with the Green party since the age of sixteen and is now a member of the Lausanne Parliament. She wants to build a better world, with a safe environment for all generations. Next to her political work, she’s a volunteer for student and feminist associations and cultural events.