It's about time we create a global village of networks

Lisa will explain the importance of having a strong network of women to empower and inspire, using her own experiences growing up in Zimbabwe. She will share the critical moments from her life that inspired her to create the only exhibition for women in Switzerland that gathers thousands of women under one roof so that they can expand their network.

About the speaker

Lisa Chuma

Lisa Chuma is not a stereotype or a demographic – and she’s making sure other women don’t become one either. As the Founder & CEO of the Women’s Expo Switzerland, the married mother of 3 connects thousands of women each year to find new products & services for their personal & professional lives, acquire new knowledge & expand their network.

Lisa’s passion for women’s advocacy is borne from a difficult childhood in Zimbabwe, one of the poorest countries in the world today. Lisa’s mother was a single mother and a victim of domestic violence.

However, in spite of the odds, Lisa has become a successful businesswoman, role model and compassionate leader. These experiences have driven Lisa to help and inspire women to tell their stories so they can connect authentically and build meaningful connections.