The Science of Influencing Yourself

We are living in the Information Age, where we are exposed to thousands of messages every day about other people’s ideas, ideals and beliefs.

But do these messages have any influence over our own thoughts and behaviours? And can we control this?

Join us at TEDxLausanne 2019 when behaviourist, Lynda Heffernan, will explore the science of influence, how we can go beyond the limits of societal expectations, and what you can do to ensure you remain the most positive influence on your own life and community.

Hear behaviourist Lynda Heffernan and discover the science of influencing yourself at #TEDxLausanne 2019.
About the speaker

Lynda Heffernan

Lynda Heffernan is a Swiss based Behaviourist, High Performance Coach and Crisis Counsellor focused on helping people experience transformation through a unique approach she has named: Cognitive Kaizen. 

Cognitive Kaizen uses various psychodynamic approaches to explore conscious and subconscious processes. In traditional business terms Kai means ‘change’ and Zen means ‘for the better’. Cognitive Kaizen approach is all about changing mindsets and belief systems to achieve continuous improvement and a growth mindset.

As well as using Cognitive Kaizen to help individuals and teams, Lynda also develops and collaborates on Kaizen leadership programmes for children and teenagers, helping prepare the next generation for the world of potential ahead of them.