The sky is NOT the limit: live the change

Perplexed by the enormity of the education challenge in India, and conscious of the transformative power of education, Manu Jindal shares his two-year experience as a primary grade teacher in a low income community school in India. The experience proved to be a self-transforming journey for him, as he set out to bring positive change to the lives of the 48 students in his classroom.

For Manu, change starts from within. He firmly believes that one should define and redefine for oneself what the real meaning of ‘sacrifice’ and ‘success’ are in the context of making change … one life at a time.

About the speaker

Manu Jindal

Manu Jindal is a sustainability consultant at Nestlé Nespresso. He completed his MBA at IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2012. Manu is the winner of IMD’s Social Responsibility Scholarship.