Eating is an environmental act

The food we eat three times a day, 365 days a year has a colossal impact on our planet’s health.Indeed, one third of our greenhouse gas emissions originate from our food consumption. What can the average consumer do to counter their CO2 footprint? Smart decisions and free public scientific data along the food’s supply chain is essential for society to embrace its responsibility and change the current course of action. With his story, Manuel will address those issues and discuss the latest results in life-cycle-assessments on food productions.

About the speaker

Manuel Klarmann

An entrepreneur at heart and a food lover, Manuel Klarmann kicked off his initiative Eaternity in 2009. His company calculates the CO2 footprint of menus for restaurants, enabling the chefs and consumers to make an informed decision on their environmental footprint. Eaternity develops its vision and projects with many notable large customers such as the ETH and the city of Zurich; it has also won several awards, such as the Impact HUB Fellowship and the SEIF Award.