How social media visuals affect our mind?

Most of our social media feeds are filled with narcissistic content over meaningful visual content. This is drastically affecting our mental health. Technology has enabled us to access a diversity of content faster, but also to be a stronger form of expression for each of us. If we are choosing the content that we see, why not making it inspiring every single day? This talk will bring a new form of self awareness on our usage of visual content and offer a few useful tools for their online consumption.

About the speaker

Marine Tanguy

As an advocate for artists since a young age, Marine directed her first gallery at age 21, opened her first art gallery in Los Angeles at age 23 and finally created her current business in 2015, MTArt Agency, breaking from the gallery model to promote the artists she believed in across the globe. MTArt is the first artist agency promoting influential visual artists and specialising in talent management: building, growing and accelerating their careers. Marine was recently awarded Forbes 2018 30 under 30 Europe: Art & Culture. She is a thought leader, writer and a frequent speaker on contemporary art.