Empowered teachers: the low-cost, high impact way to change education

As the world scrambles to improve education, there seems to be one important resource being left out of the equation: teachers. Teachers have the power to transform education, if we only give them the chance. Michelle explores how we can tap into this invaluable asset and empower the many visionary educators working to bring schools into the 21st century.

About the speaker

Michelle Blanchet

Michelle Blanchet is an educator and social entrepreneur, who is passionate about inspiring innovation in the field of education. She has been working with young people for the past ten years and recently founded the Social Innovation Institute for Educators (SIIE), which aims to revolutionize teacher trainings and support educational innovation. Michelle earned a Master in International Relations in Madrid. She teaches sociology and economics, and contributed to the book Generation Jobless? Turning the Youth Unemployment Crisis into Opportunity. Michelle is a part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper initiative.