Adapted and improved for TEDxLausanne, the installation offers an interactive interface that the public can use to give another status to the statue. Every participant contributes to the collective construction of a virtual dressing, thus giving to this archaeological statue a continuation in the present.

About the speaker

Muséomix Leman

During Museomix Léman, a creative marathon held in November 2014 at Geneva’s Museum of Art and History, creative teams took up the challenge to design and manufacture in 3 days a working prototype for the museum. At this event, digital culture and innovation were honored : “We were free to any experimentation. We were given the challenge to provide another dimension to the statue that we have chosen out of all of the museum’s. We built this installation from that.” says the team of height: composed of Léa Franck, Ivan Gulizia, Laura Symul, Arthur Veenhuys, Yves Zagagnoni, Nicole Grieve, Alexia Ryf, Frédérique Renault Boulanger.