Power to the customer!

Every single company now has got a new boss: it’s us, the customer. In this rapidly changing digital and mobileworld, a major shift has taken place and we have taken power over companies. In a highly visual presentation full of entertaining examples, Nancy shows how we as self-centered and on-demand customers require companies to continuously put effort into great customer experiences or if they don’t, become obsolete.

About the speaker

Nancy Rademaker

Nancy is a highly rated and motivating international business speaker, she has energized many events with bold presentations on the topics of digital transformation, extreme customer centricity, disruption, AI, business model change and leadership.
She travels the world taking business leaders to innovation hubs like Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Berlin using that first-hand inspiration as a continuous and valuable source, thus keeping her keynote content and examples on the cutting edge of the latest technologies, developments and disruptive new business models.