The compass of success

This talk starts as a personal story between a father and a son, but it echoes in everyone’s life. Why? Because it explores some of today’s most interesting questions: What’s the definition of success? How do we achieve it? Paolo uses his experiences to illustrate a thought-provoking narrative about choices, whether personal or professional, and the effect they have on all of us. Are we learning? What guides us? Paolo’s compass of success isn’t just a lesson for today, but a lesson for life.

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About the speaker

Paolo Gallo

Paolo Gallo is the Chief Human Resources Officer at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, with a previous career at the World Bank as Chief Learning Officer, at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as Director of Human Resources, and at the International Finance Corporation in Washington and Citigroup. Paolo has worked in 70 different countries and, among other activities, he is a certified coach from Georgetown University and a writer for Harvard Business Review Italia and Forbes.