What we can learn from building on Mars

Designing future buildings on Mars will require similar techniques to those we use on Earth, but the extreme conditions on Mars won’t let us just export terrestrial solutions. To find new, innovative solutions adapted to Mars constraints, we must rethink everything from the ground up. Peter’s talk will draw from an interdisciplinary course he co-teaches at EPFL-ENAC, where architecture, civil engineering, and environmental engineering students join their skills to design a permanent Mars habitat — and show how we can bring their learnings back to Earth.

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About the speaker

Peter Zurbrügg

Peter started his professional education with an apprenticeship in electronics. He has a degree in electrical engineering and studied architecture at EPFL. In addition to his activities as an independent architect, he teaches different courses at EPFL in the fields of construction, technical equipments, building materials, building simulation, renovation and bioclimatic architecture. In his work in architectural design, Peter’s main concern is the fulfilment of human needs.