Bacteria are eating our way out of uranium contamination

TEDxLausanne is delighted to introduce three impressive new generation speakers during the TEDxLausanne 2019 event, each of whom is working towards a world beyond limits.

Come and be inspired by Isabela Stoian, Radmila Faizova and Alvaro Charlet.

Radmila’s thesis, “Designing pentavalent uranium species to uncover the mechanism(s) of environmental uranium reduction” was done under the supervision of Prof. Marinella Mazzanti, and her presentation won second place at EPFL’s My Thesis in 180 seconds contest.

Next Generation Speaker: Radmila Faizova
About the speaker

Radmila Faizova


Radmila is a chemist currently completing her doctoral thesis at EPFL.

She is working towards better remediation technologies for toxic waste contamination prevention and clean up by improving our understanding of uranium chemistry.

She hopes her current research, as well as the rest of her career, will have a positive impact on our global environment and public health.

Through her passion for public outreach, she would like to share the latest scientific discoveries and inspire young people to pursue scientific careers.