Leaders who coach are creating better workplaces, and so can you.

Workplaces where humans thrive are possible! With a strong solution-focus, leaders who coach empower and develop talent in others. Companies are increasingly adopting a coaching culture, quietly bringing about a positive revolution in work relations and performance. Coaching is more than a skill, it’s a new leadership style that brings out the best in everyone and creates value all-around. In fact, anyone can use a coaching style at work and at home. Learn how to, in this talk.

About the speaker

Saba Imru-Mathieu

Saba Imru Mathieu is an Executive Coach and business owner who believes that new mindsets are needed to address today’s complexity. She sees coaching as the prime leadership skill to create humane and high performing organizations. Saba has a rich international career in the UN and was Senior Trainer at the Institute of Coaching, Geneva. She has an MA in Leadership and studies for a doctorate in Coaching at Oxford Brookes.