The Dark and Invisible Side of Negotiation: Lesson From a Slice of Pizza

How good are you in claiming what you really want when you negotiate?

What if we told you that you it’s possible to split things and still end up with 100% satisfaction?

In his speech ‘Redefining Negotiation: Lessons From a Slice of Pizza’ Dr. Trichas explains how a slice of pizza can help you discover the dark and the invisible side of negotiation, and how you can use that knowledge to redefine interactions in your personal and professional life.  

About the speaker

Savvas Trichas

Professor, Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus

Dr. Trichas holds a PhD in the field of Human Resources Marketing and Management.

As a scholar, he has conducted a number of studies investigating psychology of communication, and he is considered as a world class expert on attention management, leadership, negotiations and body language. His research is published in top scientific journals such as the Leadership Quarterly.

Dr. Trichas has collaborated with several prestigious universities and organisations such as Stanford University, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, and the FBI National Academy Associates Cyprus as a professional development consultant and visiting lecturer.