The Audacity to Dream.

From unlimited consumption to universal democracy, Sebastian takes us on a journey through the grand narratives of progress of the 20th century to ask: what do today’s visions of the future tell us about the present? What real and imagined orders hold us back from radical new beginnings? And, what will it take for us to become the heroines and heroes in our future history?

About the speaker

Sebastian Buckup

Sebastian Buckup is Head of Programming and Member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum. His role is to shape global, regional and industry agendas through strategic issue mapping, orchestrating stakeholder conflict, and innovating in the areas of group collaboration, experiential learning, and digital augmentation. An economist and evolutionary game theorist by training, Sebastian is lecturing and writing about the socioeconomic implications of globalization and technological change, as well as the collaborative production of public goods.