Time to try the crazy and impossible

We all have something big that we dream about doing, but too often we stop ourselves because logic says it’s not possible. Through Stephanie’s stories of training in active regions of conflict for ultra marathon races, she will share with you how to embrace your ‘inner crazy’ and find you own illogical path to success.

About the speaker

Stephanie Case

Stephanie is a human rights lawyer, accomplished ultrarunner and the President and Founder of Free to Run, a charity that uses sport to empower women and girls from conflict-affected areas. From a shipping container in Afghanistan to a tent in South Sudan, Stephanie has lived in some of the most dangerous and difficult areas on earth, providing direct assistance to vulnerable populations in need. She witnessed first-hand the harmful effects of conflict on communities, particularly for females, and the restrictions that women and girls faced from participating in public life. As an athlete herself, she saw an avenue for sports to help address some of these basic issues of inequality. Stephanie recently moved to Geneva after working for two years in Gaza, Palestine. She currently works for the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and serves as President of Free to Run in a volunteer capacity.