Technology is Culture

The counterculture of the seventies has played a key role in driving the technological revolution and shaping what we know today as the Silicon Valley economic powerhouse. In the meantime, the love-hate relationship between business and the arts has proven to be very productive over and over again. Sylvie Reinhard will draw from her experience as an innovator at the intersection of technology and culture and share how companies and governments around the world benefit from culture as a key R&D resource for innovation.

About the speaker

Sylvie Reinhard

Sylvie Reinhard has an entrepreneurial background and currently works at the development fund of Migros, Switzerland’s largest retail group, to boost pioneer projects in culture and economy. Previously a managing partner at Lift Conference, one of Europe’s key events in digital innovation, Sylvie is the co-founder of Alliance Digitale and a board member both of the Geneva University of Art and Design and the House of Electronic Arts in Basel.