Nature-based solutions in the fight against climate change

Natural ecosystems are the best technology we have to help cool the planet, but doing so effectively requires an intricate knowledge of the organisms that regulate our climate.

By generating a holistic understanding of Earth’s ecosystems, we transform our ability to understand climate change, and identify the best strategies to address it. 

With this in mind, Crowther and his team of 25 researchers are looking at ways to digitally explore the biosphere and reveal the true potential of nature-based solutions in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss.

Advances in data collection and artificial intelligence are revealing more truths about our environment and the seriousness of climate change. At the same time, it’s also helping to find new solutions that harness the power of nature itself. 

The Crowther Lab research is helping organisations understand the true value of nature, make more informed decisions, and start implementing nature-based solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss.

Get ready to discover a new approach to Climate Change.


Thomas Crowther at TEDxLausanne 2019
About the speaker

Prof. Dr. Thomas Crowther

Thomas Crowther, professor of Global Ecosystem Ecology at ETH Zurich and founder of the Crowther Lab is different to most environmental scientists.


While most labs in the world focus on one field of research, Crowther firmly believes that to understand the ecological processes that influence climate change, predict its progression with high accuracy, and develop nature-based solutions to address it, we need to take a holistic approach.


Specialising in ecosystem ecology, Crowther is also the chief scientific advisor to the UN’s Trillion Tree Campaign.