Time to remember

Kassidy and Allison examine the cyclical nature of women’s progress and propose that now is not the time to start from scratch, but to remember the power that’s been cultivated for women, by women throughout the course of time. Lets use the unprecedented wisdom and skills to take gender inequality over the threshold to parity.

About the speaker

We are the XX

Kassidy Brown and Allison Rapson are two women with impressive and extensive backgrounds in communications and a shared passion for amplifying the female voice. Together they are creating content that exposes the world we live in – a world that is, in fact, 50% female and unapologetically so. Through their feminist media company, We are the XX, Brown and Rapson are capturing the powerful truth of how women live and socialize. By activating their global network of emboldened women from around the world, Brown and Rapson have created a brand that sits at the forefront of the future; always leading their audience to what will happen next.