Gamification to improve our world

In 2012, Yu-kai stepped down as CEO of his startup and published his gamification framework Octalysis, which has since been translated into nine languages. He is now a full-time consultant and speaker on gamification. In his talk, he will tell us some ways in which gamification has been used and could be used in the future to make the world a better, more sustainable, and more fun place to live our lives.

About the speaker

Yu-kai Chou

Yu-kai Chou is an entrepreneur, speaker, and ramification pioneer. Early in life, he had the epiphany that while games had the power to delight and engage the mind, they were not productive and only resulted in emotional gains. He became obsessed with the combination of how to make games more productive, and simultaneously, how to make life more fun. Since then, he has created a variety of game-based technology startups.