There is always something to learn from another point of view. Are you ready to go beyond, to stay open?

TEDxLausanne’s 2015 event Interface/Interact will take you on an exciting journey into unknown territories, enabling you to connect new points and open up to new horizons.

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Hi, we are TEDxLausanne

We are a team of over 30 international and dynamic volunteers joining forces to produce an independently organized TED event in Lausanne. Since 2010, we have been helping talentented speakers spread great ideas and stories to an ever-growing audience. Our goal is to bring the TED experience to our lovely town in the heart of Western Switzerland.

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TEDxLausanne en français

Pour rendre l'expérience TEDxLausanne encore plus accessible à tous, nous préparons d'autres événements en français. Plus d'informations très bientôt!